Relent is a hard rock/Nu Metal band with elements of rap and hip hop. Relent is not just a band but a movement with a passion that can only be explained through the intensity of their live performances.

Relent is a band that’s more than just music it’s a movement driven by a fierce passion that comes alive in their electrifying live performances. The band’s journey started in theTexas rock scene, where they faced the typical challenges that come with t hat lifestyle. After a powerful personal encounter with Jesus, lead singer Miggy stepped away from music for a while to explore his faith. When he felt the urge to create music again, he came back with a new sense of purpose to reach out to people in the darkest and most broken places and help them feel less alone. Luckily, his bandmates shared the same vision and so in 2016, Relent was born. Since then, they’ve continued to churn out hits and win accolades, with their latest album “World War Me” slated for release on April 7, 2023 through Rockfest Records.