“Mother dear, the world’s gone cold…”  Jeff Buckley

–WORLD GONE COLD, comprised of members from legacy bands: Traa Daniels- P.O.D., Tim “Yogi” Watts-Demon Hunter, Andrew Stanton-Disciple, Mark Anthony-The Letter Black, and Ryland Raus Attack Attack! & Inhale/Exhale, deliver massive hard rock anthems with a huge wall of guitars, fluid bass rumble, monstrous drums, and soaring vocals, exploding into a mixture of heavy groove and melodic hooks. A combination of organic metal and radio-ready songwriting encompass the foundation of a band that began as one man’s solo outlet and quickly transformed into an unprecedented supergroup. This new band arrives armed with songs akin to the timeless catchiness of Rob Zombie or Nine Inch Nails, with the postmodern urgency of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and I Prevail.

•Ryland Raus–Vocals
•Mark Anthony–Guitar
•Andrew Stanton–Guitar
•Traa Daniels–Bass
•Tim “Yogi” Watts–Drums

Stream their self titled EP–World Gone Cold today!