Silversyde was birthed from turmoil, chaos, and despair. Our lyrics tell a story of release from addiction to many harmful behaviors including drugs, alcohol, and an incessant desire to find acceptance in people and behaviors that sought to destroy us.

SILVERSYDE is a metaphor about finding hope in the worst of circumstances. Surrounded by the storm clouds, we each cried out for HELP and were able to find the silver lining in Hope, Eternity, Love and Purity. This symbolic metaphor for H.E.L.P. is the focus of our band and what our music is all about. We are the underdogs, the people who never quite fit in, and now through our genuine, raw, and emotionally gripping music we want to help other ‘outcasts’ and hurting souls find reconciliation.
Our calling is to show people a way through the stress and troubles of life that plague our everyday existence.

Our life experience and struggles are crucial in helping us relate to our fans/audience. Currently our focus is on suicide prevention and our own suicidal tendencies and near death experiences have given us the ability to relate to people and offer HELP to those who are in similar situations.

Our music, tells a story of a great emptiness inside that we have a longing to fill. No longer shall we be slaves to depression and addiction.

Our lyrics are real, our motives are pure and our hearts are set on reconciliation with the source of all purposeful, abundant Life.